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Paint Components:

The three main components of an (organic) paint coating are:

  1. Pigment:

    provides opacity, color (also can provide corrosion resistance, water barrier properties, viscosity control, etc.); primer coatings are sometimes named after a pigment, for example zinc-rich primer.

  2. Binder (resin):

    binds the ingredients (holds everything together), forms the film; also known as the non-volatile vehicle; paint coatings are often named after the resin, for example epoxy, vinyl, polyurethane, acrylic, etc.

  3. Volatile vehicle (solvent or dispersant):

    dissolves or disperses the binder, allows the coating to spread out.

A distinction can be made between a non-convertible coating (cures by evaporation of the solvent without a chemical change to the resin) and a convertible coating (cures by a chemical change in the resin, polymerization).





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